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Meet Chris Redner: the man behind the company

Chris Redner

Some say once you've lived in Southern California, no other place compares. Born and raised in Cucamonga (now known as Rancho Cucamonga), Chris Redner was always involved in sports. He played water polo, competed in car racing, and was an All-American swimmer. After high school, Chris left the area briefly to attend college at Sonoma State University. While there, he procured Master's degrees in business, psychology and education. Always an entrepreneur, he founded his first successful company, a glass tinting business, at the age of eighteen years old.

By 1975, Chris was back in So Cal; this time in the San Diego area. His love of interacting with people and learning made him a natural fit in the field of sales. With a passion for meeting his client's needs and desires, he dove into it, selling everything from surgical instruments to jewelry. The time spent in the field representing different companies taught him the importance of good quality products that work to promote the company name. Chris decided to put his creativity and business knowledge to work creating unique and memorable promotional items, which lead him to a partnership with PromoShop. That was over three decades ago, and Chris has been working to help companies create the perfect promotional merchandise ever since.

When he's not pouring his time and energy into work, Chris still enjoys swimming, the gym, motorcycling and working on cars. He has restored and maintained a beautiful 1940 Ford, which is one of a kind. You can't miss it, and if you see him driving around town, wave and say hello. Chris is always happy to stop and chat about cars, the beauty of living on the Pacific Coast, and PromoShop.

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